Laser Focus Fun Fitness

Laser Focus Fun Fitness


This is a fun filled, action packed, fitness program that incorporates military training, laser tag, martial arts and team building activities. It is geared towards providing a platform where participants can develop or enhance their minds and bodies in physical fitness, social skills, peer pressure, bullying and mindfulness. Our goal is to provide participants with lifestyle skills that not only help them deal with personal (internal and external) challenges but keeps them focused, disciplined and enhances their ability to reach their greatest potential in anything they do.

There are 5 key elements in all LASER FOCUS FUN FITNESS programs, these elements would be used to
structure the activities, process, and procedure of the programs.

1. Team work: Group activities, group competition, relay races, solving puzzles, synchronized
matching/jogging, communication skills, leadership training.
2. Discipline: Consequences for lateness, tardiness, being distracted, verbal affirmations, Mantra,
Meditation, structure
3. Fitness: Military style workout s(jumping jacks, squats, wall sits, push-ups, sit-ups), obstacle crossing,
suicides, crawling, rolling, fitness home work.
4. Technique: Combat stance, falling, pushing, kickboxing, firing positions (kneeling, standing, laying,
rolling/running/crawling into position)
5. Fun & Games: Dodgeball, tug of war, free hand tag, flag tag, and LASER TAG.


  • – Age: 7 -14
  • – Cost: FREE and snack included
  • – Location: YMCA Kingston, 507 Broadway, Kingston, NY 12401
  • – Date: One Week, Mon-Fri
  • – Next Class: Registration Filled, Check back for next available class