The Red-K Reading Lounge is a traveling and interactive program that provides diverse stories with all cultures in mind. We travel to the different libraries, organizations, & schools.

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mykknew_Jit April 12, 2022

This series is an 8-week beginner photo program. Students learn the history of photography, artistic and technical applications.

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mykknew_Jit April 10, 2022

A place that provides parents an opportunity to connect with their peers while their children are active and engaged by our best Play Coaches.

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mykknew_Jit April 8, 2022

Kids will now have a chance to participate in 8 different experiences within the exciting world of Virtual Reality.

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The GRID Plus

mykknew_Jit April 7, 2022

MyKK has finally created a program just for adults. Parents & individuals can now experience the exciting world of Virtual Reality.

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