MyKingstonKids Radio Show

MyKingstonKids Radio

MyKingstonKids Radio provides family friendly talk and music that all can enjoy and learn from. Frank Waters, the executive director of MyKingstonKids along with a variety of co-hosts including adults, MyKK President Winston Queen, and Comedian, Jesseica McNabb plus young hosts such as Seashell Rose, T-Boy, Ava, Alex, Saya and 3 year old Zhana Mya from time to time. This 2 adventure is packed with a variety of exciting interviews, youth reports, contests, music, special segments and more. Get ready for an up tempo, live and dynamic Saturday morning experience.

Show Details

Radio Kingston, WKNY Kingston, NY 107.9FM | 1490AM |
Every Saturday, 7am – 9am

MyKingstonKids Radio is one of Radio Kingston’s most exciting, informative and diverse shows on air. We continue to enhance and create fun segments with some of our communities most interesting leaders. Every week there are opportunities to win prizes, play games, get inspired and learn something new. Here’s a list of some of our show’s highlights.

Radio Show Features

  • The MyKK Morning Mix w/ DJ Frankie Bones
  • Seashell Rose Hot List
  • T-Boy’s Roundtable
  • Weekend Madness
  • Kids talk with Mr. Mike Greenburg

Imagination Rules!

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