Photography Now! Teen Program

Photography Now! Teen Program

MyKingstonkids program Photography Now! Teens proudly introduces our students photography. Designed and taught by local award winning professional photographer, Star Nigro, this amazing program series is free for youth ages 13-18 from Ulster County.

The program has been hosted by Ulster County Restorative Justice and Community Empowerment Center. Nigro’s eight week program is for both beginners and advanced youth working with DSLR cameras. Classes are taught in person, learning all aspects of creative photography techniques, editing styles, historical backgrounds, and fun artistic and technical application of the medium. The students of Photography Now! also get to go on fun neighborhood walks in the community taking photos while learning about composition and technical skills with Nigro.

After completing the program, students receive a Certificate of Completion and are able to participate in a group photography exhibition while having the option to sell their photos as well.

For more info on this free program, Winston Queen via email at

ABOUT RED-K GALLERY: This site features five to ten images of the past students photographs for purchase or viewing. 80% of sales goes to the them too. We have over 50 student’s photography profiles online, all images for sale and viewing here on

Program Details


– Age: 13 -18
– Cost: FREE and food included
– Location: Ulster County Restorative Justice and Community Empowerment Center, 733 Broadway, Kingston, NY 12401, USA
– Date: 8 Weeks
– Median: Cameras provided (limited cameras available)
– Next Class: Fall September 13 – November 1st 2023


We have been graciously invited to participate in the following art exhibitions:

ART OUT LOUD @ CITY HALL, Now through September 21, 2023 420 Broadway Kingston, NY

Only 8 PN! students were selected. This is a city-wide exhibition that featured the visual artwork of three organizations including MyKingstonKids, D.R.A.W. and Kingston High School. Thank you for thinking of us!


“Hi my name is Damian Nunez I am a college students from suny ulster and I love to see things larger in the world. Taking images of what nature really can be and bring them to people sharing what life is like without all the technology around us, having to spend hours looking at for these times of quarantine. The take away from the photo now classes has helped me to figure out the timing of when to take photos because I would struggle with lighting. Also I learned editing techniques to bring the pictures’ natural colors out more. Quote- What life brings us when it becomes difficult. Enjoy the outdoors and find beauty in what you love to photograph.”

– student, Damian Nunez

“ I like to draw and paint but I think photography lets you really express how you feel through your art work. Also taking photography class was cool.”

– student, Rosie Bergenn

“I love how many different directions the exercises from the photo now program can go and how open for inter presentation they are. I am very artistic and love to try different mediums and art forms. Photography is my main passion and I hope to make it my career.”

– student, Mikayla Papa

“I liked all the history of the camera and photography. That light writing is it’s own form of art as well as editing. I also liked the individuality of the zoom program with individual time and everyone can do their own thing.”

– student,Dior Williams

“the photo now program helped me to take better pics.”

– student, Ciara Rourke

“I liked the Photography Now program a lot, learning new techniques and social time. I am an equestrian but love all animals but reptiles. After working with horses learning dressage it further inspired me to photograph. I like how my photos turned out from the visual exercises Star gave us from the program.”

– student, Adrionna Leimgruber

“I got to know more about photography from the history and new ways to take pictures including angles to editing.”

– student, Gabriella Costakis

“This was a great program! Star is a very sweet and caring person who made me feel welcomed. I really appreciated how Star was able to work around my schedule so I would be able to take part in the class. She provided encouraging feedback on my images and suggested what I could change to make it even better. I recommend this program to anybody who is interested in photography! My love for photography started when I was 7 years old. My mom had gotten me a little camera for Christmas. During that summer, my family and I went on a trip to Virginia Beach where I got to witness wild horses running along the shoreline. I couldn’t contain my excitement as I grabbed my camera from its bag and began snapping away. It was in this moment that I realized how much I love photography.”

– student, Lydia Costakis

“This class was a fun and brand new experience for me! I was able to broaden my perspective of different photography and art pieces in not only others work but my own also. I enjoy reading, writing, music, taking pictures, and being outdoors in my free time.”

– student, Espia Dunkly

“I learned that any subject matter can be turned into photo art.”

– student, Alissa De La Rosa

“It took me out of my comfort zone and I didn’t think I’d enjoy photography as much as I do now after taking Photography Now!.”

– student, Lillian De La Rosa

I loved everything about this class 🙂 I enjoy the picture ideas that Star gives in these sessions. Thank you for the opportunity 🙂 I really love this class.

– student, Jordan Parker

” I am finding photography to also inspire me with my music. I like this program because of the culture of it.”

– student, Elizabeth Bergenn

“Thank you I really enjoyed the program.”

– student, Ariel Bergenn

“:) the class was great , thank you!”

– student, Gianni Bien Aime