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The obesity epidemic in children over the last few years has been alarming, and therefore parents are always advised to monitor their BMI (Height-to-Weight ratio). The activities carried out by a child during the developmental process go a long way in building up in them, all they need for their adult lives.

When most adults are told to exercise, they think of working out in the gym, treadmill running or weightlifting but for kids, their daily physical playing and running around makes up all they need for exercise.

There are many reasons why children should actively exercise from their tender age, and they are as follows:

• A healthy body weight is maintained in them through exercise.
• Exercise boosts a child’s self-esteem and self-image.
• Exercise serves as an importance immune system builder against some chronic diseases like heart diseases, diabetes obesity, etc.
• They sleep well after a long day of playing around thus improving their general sleep quality.
• With regular physical activity, their muscles, bones, and joints are built and maintained strong.
• It aids proper coordination of their internal organs; their foods digests easily and their heart pumps steadily.