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The Little Gardener by Emily Hughs

When’s the last time you skipped the big box book stores and made a visit to your local book store? We are lucky in Kingston, NY our local bookstore #halfmoonbooks not only boasts vintage treasures but also great bargains! I discovered so many children’s books this weekend that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I can’t wait to share them with you all. The Little Gardener by #emilyhughes is not vintage, it’s a 2015 publication but it is perhaps the cutest love story to a garden I’ve ever come across.
The story follows a miniature boy who loves his garden with all heart and works endlessly to try to make it grow but because he is so small, and the garden is so big, his effort is just not enough. He eventually surrenders and decides to go home and get some much needed rest. What I LOVED about the story is how the garden perks up from this point to reveal to the tiny boy that his effort was never in vain and nature always knows best. It was also a nice surprise to see a children’s gardening book that reflected racial diversity in a subtle way, something quite rare for children’s books on nature. Happy Spring my friends!

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