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Big Red Lollipop

Rukhsana Khan, Pakistani/Canadian, Bestselling Author of Big Red Lollipop has quickly found her way into my heart and for good reason. Her picture book is about two very important topics, sibling rivalry and CANDY! How often have you tried to do something sweet by getting your kids some candy in exchange for some peace and quiet? Only to discover that candy has this crazy irrational effect on your kids and more often winds up causing a wild screaming, scratching and crying match. Then you think to yourself, why do I even bother ?? Big Red Lollipop was such a hit with my kids, that I found them skowering through the illustrations independently and rein-acting the fight scene.

What I LOVED about the story is that it features a Muslim family thats mother, happens to not be familiar with traditional American birthday party etiquette. She makes an error in judgement by forcing her eldest daughter to bring her younger sibling to the party. The younger sibling eventually spoils the party because she is just too young to play by the rules. The experience, while being really painful on everyone’s account at the time, ends up becoming a wonderful symbol of family sacrifice, respect for one another and a testament to good karmic energy. The refreshing storyline is extremely relatable to kids while also being a wonderful window into a common immigrant experience through the eyes of one Muslim family. Happy Ramadan everyone, fasting is always worth the wait!!

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