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Over and Under the Pond

I thought for a few days about Mother’s Day and what kind of book would be a good choice. I did a quick google search and found books about motherly love and supermoms and after a few days, I settled on this quiet little gem, Over and Under the Pond by Kate Messner, illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal. The story follows a mother and son on an ordinary day as they canoe through the pond. As they paddle through, the mother identifies life above and below the pond and how our ecosystem is all connected. It got me thinking about teachable moments and how mothers are truly the best teachers in the world.

What I LOVED about it was how the plants and animals take the stage in the story and the mother and son become the gentile observers of nature. It was also refreshing to see a black family having a relatable human experience, a much needed, necessary depiction in every child’s imagination. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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