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Parents, please understand that you are not alone. We know what it takes to raise kids and are aware of how challenging it is to keep them properly educated, entertained and active. At MyKingstonKids we are experts at knowing all things kids happening in Kingston and want to be the ideal resource center for you and your family. Here's a few reasons on why we rock!

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Our team genuinely loves children from all cultures, demographics and backgrounds. We ensure courtesy, professionalism and kindness whenever we are in contact with your children.

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Imagine knowing about every event, workshop or class for your children in Kingston. You can obtain info via text, email, FB messenger, app or even a phone call.

Community Advocates

Your children's needs are in our best interest. Organizations are constantly asking our opinion about children's well being and parents interest. We keep you informed!

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Join a network of informative, professional and loving people that cherish the beautiful children on Kingston!

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