Laser Tag Tournament

Welcome to our Laser Tag Tournament event area. Here you will find everything you need including rules and regulations, entry fee, winnings and more. This tournament was created by MyKingstonKids as a fun loving way to engage our youth and adults in one unified fashion. We invite community members, businesses, organizations, churches and any one who would enjoy participating in building a stronger Kingston community.

The Community Laser Tag Tournament will be held in August at Forsyth Park, 157 Lucas Ave Ext, Kingston, NY 12401.

Laser Tag Rules & Regs

1. There is a $200 entry fee per team. (no refunds)

2. Schedule for play will be as follows, assuming a full tournament of 32 teams. Scheduling will be done by MyKingstonKids, published schedule times are final.

- Round 1: Challenge Round
Week of August 1 - Games will be played on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, starting every half hour, beginning at 5:00PM.

- Round 2
Week of August 8 - Games will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday, starting every half hour, beginning at 6:30PM.

- Round 3
Games will be played on Wednesday, August 18, starting every half hour, beginning at 6:30PM.

- Semi-Final & Championship will be played on Thursday, August 26, starting at 6PM.

- The Championship will be tentatively scheduled for 7:30PM the same day.

3. This is a single elimination tournament. Once your team has lost a round you are eliminated from the competition. In the event that a team needs a bye to complete the bracket, byes will be awarded in the order in which paid registration is received. Round byes will only be awarded if necessary, early payment does not guarantee a bye.

4. A round will consist of up to three games. A team must win two of those games to be declared a winner and advance. A third game will only be played in the event of each team winning one of the previous games. Length of play for each game will be determined by the round in which it is played.

Round 1 will consist of three 6 minute games
Round 2 will be 7 minute games
Round 3 will be 8 minute games
Round 4 will be 9 minute games
Championship Round will be 10 minute games

5. Registration is open to all community members including businesses, organizations, schools, churches, clubs, groups and individuals.

6. Players can participate from ages 9 years old and up. At least one player between the ages of 9 – 12 must be on each team. All genders are welcome. Teams should be fairly balanced with adults and youth.

7. Registrants may register more than one team for the event if they wish, but the teams must be identified as different units, i.e., MyKingstonKids Team A and MyKingstonKids Team B, or using nicknames, such as, MyKingstonKids Badgers and MyKingstonKids Marauders.

8. A team will consist of no more than eight players and no less than three and no more than five players in the arena during time of play. At least one youth should be on the field at all times. If a team fails to field a team of three or more players they are considered forfeited, and eliminated. Play will begin as scheduled, and it is recommended that teams report at least 10 minutes early. If the scheduled start time is passed, and a team is not present in adequate numbers after 5 minutes, the first game is forfeited. If the team is not in the arena for the start of the second game, the round is forfeited. Substitutions will not be permitted once the round has begun. Teams may sub players from round to round if they wish, but no player may play on more than one team, even if the teams are from the same business/group.

9. Cash prize is dependent on number of teams registered. Available prizes will be posted upon closing of registration. Prize will be paid to registered business/group, or if the winner is a non-business, public team, it will be paid to the team captain. It is not the responsibility of MyKingstonKids to distribute any prize money to any other individual or organization.

The winning team will also receive the Mayor's Champion Trophy provided by Kingston's Mayor, Steve Noble!! 10. Officials will be provided by MyKingstonKids; rulings of the officials are final.

Code of Conduct

• No Physical Contact
• Hold Laser with Both Hands
• Players must be careful when maneuvering around interior arena walls
• Please let us know if any of your guests suffer from the following: Asthma, epilepsy or suffer from seizures caused by fog or strobe lights
• No foul language
• No blocking of sensors
• No Bullying any other players - this includes following other players while they are deactivated and waiting to tag them as soon as they are activated again.
• Experienced players should show good sportsmanship by not continuously targeting inexperienced players.
• Keep both feet on the floor at all times
• Closed toe shoes are to be worn at all times. No sandals, high heels, flip flops, socks, bare feet, etc.
• All electronics and personal items should be safely secured before entering the arena.
• No food, gum, or drinks allowed in the Laser Tag area.
• Any misconduct deemed inappropriate by the Laser Tag attendant will be cause for dismissal from the arena with no refunds.
• Pregnant women, those who suffer from asthma, are epileptic, suffer from seizures caused by fog or strobe lights, have vision, heart, neck or back problems, have high blood pressure, motion sickness, vertigo, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, have had aneurysms or recent surgery or illness, equilibrium or ear problems, are diabetic or any health or physical condition that could be affected by this attraction should NOT PLAY LASER TAG.

IMPORTANT: All guests who play laser tag do so at their own risk and assume any and all risks of playing laser tag. All players must complete a waiver form in order to play.

Download Waiver



Registration is $200 per team. You can register up to 8 players although only 5 can play at a time.

Register Now

There are multiple ways to pay your registration!

1. PayPal or debit/credit. Once you register we will email you a PayPal invoice.

2. Phone: After you register, please call 845-282-0182 and we will take your payment here.

3. Check: After you register, write out check to MyKingstonKids, Inc. and mail it to 132 Foxhall Avenue, Kingston, NY 12401.

All applications will be on file for 7 days until payment is made. We cannot guarantee spots after that.
All applications must be filled out in advance in order to play!! All participants must also FILL OUT OUR WAIVER in order to play. Download waiver here and mail to the above address or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also bring waiver on the day of your game.

Download Waiver