Time Capsule exhibit/ festival featuring Photo Now! Students 06/17 -18 2023


JOIN MYKINGSTONKIDS for a FREE exhibition and celebration. An interactive, family friendly event for the new Wurts Street Bridge!

A Mystery – An Opportunity – A Celebration!

While filming a documentary on the renovation of the century-old Wurts Street Bridge, the construction crew discovered a time capsule. No one knew it was there! The effects of moisture and 100 plus years had taken their toll… just rotted paper remained… the intended message a mystery, lost to time!
An idea emerged – Let’s invite the community to create a new Time Capsule – a message in a bottle to the future! It’s a snapshot of this diverse, creative community talking to each other at this moment in time.
Over this last year, community organizations and individuals have created a treasure trove of artwork; ceramics, sculptures, photography and interview recordings, answering the question:

“What is your message to the future?” All will be displayed.
At the event, there will also be interactive workshops for the whole family; a chance to record your personal message, write a message in a bottle, contribute to a community mural, make a worry doll, and lots more! All this will be archived on the Documentary website before it goes into the Time Capsule.
Stay tuned for notices about special musical performances, guest speakers and other surprises! Tickets will be available for purchase to take a boat trip to the Kingston Lighthouse on the all-solar Solaris. There will be food from We got the Juice and deserts from Rosie General.
Experts will give brief talks putting the history of the Wurts Street Bridge, the Rondout Creek
and the neighborhoods on either side of the Rondout in historic perspective.

They will be documenting the whole process.

THE TIME CAPSULE DOCUMENTARY is the story of the renovation of the beautiful Wurts Street Bridge in Kingston, NY spanning the Rondout Creek, connecting communities… linking the past to the present, reaching into the future. The bridge had been neglected over many years, and then, as it was about to be discarded, began the journey to its renewal. We document how 21st century technology is giving new life to this 20th century marvel of grace and engineering, For Kingston, along with many small cities in America, this is a story about preserving our cultural inheritance

Come celebrate the renovation of this beautiful, historic bridge and Join the Conversation! A Co-Production of VANDEWEGHE PRODUCTIONS, LLC and NEVILLE BEAN DESIGN

More on the Documentary and the Time Capsule Project: https://www.wurtsstreetbridgefilm.com