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News (8)

There are many people who remember the tender and successful series Rugrats, which tells of different adventures experienced by a group of children consisting of Tommy, Carlitos, Angelica, Phil, and Lil, among others.

The project was on the Nickelodeon table for some time. They wanted to resurrect the Rugrats: Adventures in diapers to meet Tommie and his gang to a new generation of boys and girls. The idea

It’s feels so great to introduce our new and exciting project, the MyKingstonKids Play Café. The Play Café is an event within an event and will give parents a chance to attend an event with their children and not have to worry about keeping them entertained. The Play Café is a designated area within specific events including block parties, festivals, etc. that will be fully equipped with a menu of children’s activities including games, arts & crafts, paint ball, dance parties, bouncy houses and more depending on the space provided. Parents can leave their children or stay with them in the area. Our counselors will keep them busy while you enjoy the event!!

If you ever wanted to know if there was a video for any of the songs we play on the show, your thoughts may be answered. Check out our new Video playlist on MyKingstonKids.com. If you visit our radio page you will see the youtube video player that showcases over 100 kid friendly music videos.

We have everything from Moana to Kidz Bop, soundtracks and more.

We hope you watch and enjoy some of your best artists with your kids here right from our website! If you have any that you owuld like to add please email the title and artisit to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

First let’s talk about a few new updates to the MyKingstonKids.com website. You can now visit our Radio Show area by simply clicking on the radio button on the top navigation bar. This will take you to our Radio page where you can now listen to pass radio shows on our customized player. The Player will allow you to fast forward, rewind and seek though any show available. We will work to keep the latest shows available. As of now, we have up until March however by the end of next week it will be current with all shows from today and before.

Guess what kids?? You will now have a chance to meet the new face of MyKingstonKids. His name is Poppy the Panda and he’s fun, exciting and full of surprises. You may have seen Poppy at the Into Yellow Dance Party last week. He made his first public appearance and took many photos with families during the event. The guests seemed to have really enjoyed him and that’s just what Poppy likes.

Becoming a member is super simple and very exciting. We have 3 options for to choose from. 

First we have our club membership which is totally free and our paying membership which there is a small fee. You can pay monthly or yearly and receive 2 months free.

181 460x460 Front Color Black comboCan you believe it?? MyKingstonKids finally has its own gift cards. You can now share the gift of MyKingstonKids with your loved ones. Our cards range from $5 and up. These are digital gift cards so all purchases can be done online for your convenience.

So you may be asking yourself, What I can purchase with a MYKingstonKids gift card??



radioupdates hvYou may have heard of the Hudson Valley Parent Magazine. There publication is all over Kingston and other parts of the Hudson Valley in offices, schools and anywhere that you may find children. Well now for the first time ever you will get a chance to actually hear the voices of the Hudson Valley Parent Magazine right here on MyingstonKids Radio once a month. We have developed a new partnership with the leading magazine to provide you with a glance of what’s happening before it hits the stands. This way you will know what to expect and even have some great info about your area before the rest of the community.