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Mentorship for everyone

Aug 24, 2018

We really had fantastic show about mentorship this week and hope that you had some takeaways. Please read below and follow a few of the types of mentors that one should be interested in reviewing. Keep in mind mentors are great for kids, parents, individuals and seniors!

The Cheerleader
Having the positive support of a Cheerleader can give you the necessary motivation to keep going. Our parents, spouses and good friends can fill this role for us in many ways; and professionally, having a person in your field saying, “you can do this” can be a tremendous asset. A Cheerleader is someone who will be genuinely happy for you when you succeed and who will cheer you on when you might be struggling.

The Coach
Coaches are there when you need someone to help you think through difficult problems. A good coach doesn’t solve your problems for you; they help you see both the problem and your role a bit more clearly. They do this by observing, listening, asking focused questions, reflecting back, and challenging. Coaches can suggest strategies for solving problems you might not have considered, and can help you think “bigger picture” on ideas and possible solutions.

The Connector
The Connector gets satisfaction from making connections. They willingly open up their personal or professional network to others. They are motivated by connecting people with one another to share ideas, passion and energy. This type of mentor is a valuable asset to both your personal and professional life. Sometimes it really is who you know that can make the difference!

The Educator
An Educator is a person who takes the time to sit down and share their expertise with those who want to learn. Educators love to help others by sharing their wisdom. They want to see everyone succeed!

The Idea Generator
Are you tapping into your creative side? Are you taking time to play? Sometimes we get lost in the day-to-day struggles and we forget to have fun. Play and fun are necessary to allow us to free our minds to look at the big picture. Is this the life we imagined? Where can we make adjustments in either our personal or professional life? The Idea Generator takes on the role of “thought partner” and helps you to open your mind to new experiences and new opportunities.

The Librarian
As you navigate through life, it’s helpful to be able to pull from various resources to help you get along. The Librarian has a wealth of information on your community, clubs, organizations and support systems. They know a resource for almost any need and are aware of where to go to get questions answered or to get things done.

The Super Star
Find people who you admire. People who are living parts of their life in a way you aspire to, or who currently have the career that you want to have. Spend time with them and get to know their routines, their resources, how they go about their days. While their way is not the only way, you can gain valuable insight into steps you might want to take to get you closer to your goals!


Last modified on Friday, 24 August 2018 12:13