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6 Easy Ways To Encourage A Love Of Music In Kids

Jul 22, 2018

Here are our top six ways to encourage kids to love music: 

1. Listen

We have more access to music than ever before. When it comes to listening to music with your kids, I recommend listening to music you love and trying to expand your musical tastes—both for the benefit of your kids and for yourself. 

Children are born without a musical bias. If they love a song, it’s because they love a song. Their taste in music is pure and untainted by what other people and the media tell them they should like.

2. Sing

I often hear from parents who say they aren’t comfortable singing. My response is always that your kids don’t care—they just want to sing with you. You can have so much fun singing with your kids!

Singing is so natural for kids. It can bring so much more fun to any occasion. You can sing simple songs from your own childhood. You can also have lots of fun making up songs together. 

3. Play

Learning to play an instrument can be magical for children.

Learning to play a musical instrument empowers and inspires children. It often takes finding the right teacher or mentor for those kids to flourish.

4. Dance

Dancing is definitely among the best ways to encourage a love of music in your kids. Dance with your kids. It's a great way to get physically active at any time of the year. Check our Radio Page for some great music to dance to from our video playlist.

5. Record

Recording music is a fun way for kids to experience music from a different perspective—listening to themselves. With the technology we have today, nearly everyone can record their kids singing or playing an instrument.

Another fun and simple way to record your kids is to use voice memos on a phone. 

6. Attend

Nothing compares to the experience of live music. If you want to inspire your kids to have a lifelong love of music, take them to concerts, festivals and other live performances. Seeing real people make music together is very inspiring and fun.

It’s also a great way for kids to learn how to be an audience member: when it’s time to clap, when it’s time to listen, when it’s time to dance and when it’s time to participate.

One more thing: always remember that music is fun! So have fun enjoying music with you kids!

Last modified on Monday, 23 July 2018 00:05