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MyKingstonKids Digital Gift Cards!

By  Apr 22, 2018

181 460x460 Front Color Black comboCan you believe it?? MyKingstonKids finally has its own gift cards. You can now share the gift of MyKingstonKids with your loved ones. Our cards range from $5 and up. These are digital gift cards so all purchases can be done online for your convenience.

So you may be asking yourself, What I can purchase with a MYKingstonKids gift card??




Here are 7 things that you can use the gift card for:

  1. Monthly membership to MyKingstonKids 
  2. Annual membership to MyKingstonKids 
  3. Red K Apparel from MyKingstonKids (Coming May 2018)
  4. MyKingstonKids Fest merchandise including full access passes (Coming April 2018)
  5. MyKingstonKids Halloween Fest merchandise including full access passes (Coming Late 2018)
  6. Tickets to MyKingstonKids Adult events such as The Masquerade Ball in October 2018.
  7. Contributions to MyKingstonKids

To access the gift card, please visit MyKingstonKids.com and click on the SHOP button in the main navigation bar. You can select any amount from $5, $10, $25, $50 or custom. Once the purchase is made you will receive a digital card number that you can use to make online purchases from the MyKingstonKids store.

To visit the store also click on the SHOP button on the main navigation bar on our website and select visit MyKK Store. Here will see everything we have to offer at the moment including Kids Fest t-shirts, membership and contribution options. Other items will be available at a later date.

Purchase my new Gift Card now!

Last modified on Sunday, 22 April 2018 22:09
Mother Knows Best

Welcome to MyKingstonKids.com. My name is Jenny aka Mother Knows Best. I'm your site moderator and I enjoy speaking and listening to our site visitors. If you ever have any comments, questions or concerns please feel free to email us on our contact page. Subscribe to our email list and visit often as we update our categories daily. Thanks again for stopping by.

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