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10 Things Your Kids Can Do In The Summer

Nov 26, 2017

Summer is here again; kids are totally school-free for the next 2-3 months. It’s not uncommon that most kids will resort to TV all day long. Their favorite shows that school made them miss must be covered for. But the screen is not the friendliest way to keep your kids busy; in fact, too much of the screen is injurious to their health.

Can I take them away from the screen? It’s not like I have anything else I could make them do. Well, there are too many things you can get them to do during this summer holidays that will be fun filled and as well keep them busy and away from injurious activities. You can as well join them in many of these activities to make it maximum fun, especially if you are less busy as well; there’s a level of confidence you give to children when you join them with doing things. For the sake of this article, we shall mention only ten of these activities.


1. You can instigate your kids to design a fairy garden.
2. They can create a paper mache; two words, on their own,
3. Face painting with old make-up; awkward painting now.
4. n the backyard, a river can be made using a tinfoil.
5. Try out ball games both indoor and outdoor of the house.
6. Sign up kids for music and dance lessons.
7. Teach your kids to swim, if they don’t already know how to.
8. Know more about their video games, make a timetable for
playing video games in a week and try to join in when they are
9. Play board games.
10. Gain the confidence of your kids by utilizing the summer as an
avenue to talk more to them. Ask them questions about
whatever is going on in their lives at that time and ask their
experiences throughout the school times.

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