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1 out of 5 children in the United States is struggling with obesity, and unfortunately, that number keeps growing. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports, “The obesity epidemic has become a major threat to every child's ability to achieve their full potential as a healthy, productive adult.”

So how do we begin to tackle this problem? A great first step is to create solutions together as a family! Here are 5 ways to build a healthier, happier home.

You can be a Toys "R" Us kid again just in time for the holiday season. The iconic toy chain is opening up a brand new store at the Galleria. The store officially opens to the public Saturday at 10 a.m.

Between last minute trips to the mall, impulsive online shopping sessions and spontaneous family gatherings, it can feel like you're spending left, right and centre during the holidays. The result can feel like a financial hangover when that credit card bill comes in January. Instead, let's take an intentional and more mindful approach to avoid overspending. By tracking your holiday purchases, you'll be less likely to overspend and more likely to stay on budget.

Most kids will likely have a wish list put together before any major gifting occasion, but sometimes you want to shop off-list. Sometimes, you want to give the little one in your life—your child, a niece or nephew, a friend’s child, whoever—a cool, creative, unique gift. Like or tweens, finding distinctive, good gifts for kids can be tricky, but there’s a lot out there, and you can rest assured that your stand-out present will have a special place in the recipient’s memory for years to come.

Take a look at this list of great, cool gifts for kids and save yourself a trip to the toy store.