S Summer holidays arrive and monsters appear next to them, and this week the Transylvania 3 Hotel: Holiday Monsters, an animated film directed by Genndy Tartakovsky and told in its original version in English, premiered this week in the main halls of our country with the voices of Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, Fran Drescher, Steve Buscemi, among others.
As the title of the film says, this time the monsters are on vacation, like many children at this moment, a film directed to them but that will undoubtedly be enjoyed by the old ones too.
In this opportunity, we meet again with the monsters we already know and with some that we do not. It all starts when Mavis feels that his father, Count Dracula, is very stressed, so he decides to organize a vacation to an exclusive luxury cruise for monsters so that Drac can take a break and at the same time live a nice experience with the monsters of the hotel.
Everything is great, it's a perfect vacation until Mavis realizes that Drac has "clicked" with Ericka, the captain of the cruise, which hides a dangerous secret that could endanger all the monsters on board. We were used to seeing the monsters in the facilities of the Hotel Transylvania, finding us with their sinister corridors and their dark surroundings of dark forests, in this sequel everything is more dynamic and vibrant, giving the plot a touch of freshness that we had not witnessed before.
From start to finish, the viewer encounters a fun adventure where humor, surprises, dazzling animation and even good music will make the monsters dance on more than one occasion. The follies of the monsters, the adventures of Drac and his family, are what gave the dynamism of the film.
Sometimes, the continuations of a delivery decline, in this case, is the opposite, this bet of Sony Pictures does not fail and as I mentioned at the beginning, is an animated film for both the smallest and the largest, an adorable tape , with a good design of characters, an attractive context with original locations, in short, a third party that works and is really satisfactory.
In addition, it delivers an important message ... the first and second part of the delivery mentioned that "the click", that feeling of love that occurs in monsters and that unites them to a couple forever, only occurs once in the life and in this third part things change, we are taught that second chances exist and that love is for all. If you want to see a nice movie that does not disappoint, Hotel Transylvania 3 is the right one. It will entertain you from beginning to end and, above all, you will enjoy it.
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