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It may sound like an unlikely video game for kids, but Farming Simulator 15 (and the original Farming Simulator) is…
The LEGO franchise has been hugely successful with its high quality gameplay and impressive graphics, all set in exciting LEGO…
With a star studded lineup that looks like the guest list for the Grammys, Just Dance 2015 will blow the…
Zoo Tycoon makes this a reality for young players who can design, build and manage their very own zoo. The…
Minecraft would have to be the ultimate video game for kids! Its success with children, parents, schools, teachers, and everyone…

Movie Update!!

Goodbye Christopher Robin is out and available. You can take a look at the trailer and see how fun and exciting it is. Feel free to visit one of 2 great drive-in theatres to see more movies with our partners at HydePark Drive-in in Hyde Park, NY and/or Overlook drive-in in Poughkepsie, NY. Click here to read our review!

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