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I Doubt It

How to play:

Choose a “dealer” to deal all cards, one at a time, to each player. Some players will have more cards than others, which is okay. Players can organize their hand of cards as they please, but do not show any other players.

The player to the left of the dealer begins the game starting with aces.

He places the card(s) face down in the centre of the table saying “two aces” or whatever the desired number of cards are. Players can lay up to four cards of the card they are required to discard. The game continues clockwise to the next player, who will discard twos. The following player discards threes, and so on. Players announce their cards as they lay them. Start again with aces after kings have been played. Keep in mind that players don’t have to play the cards they announce. They can be lying. Even if you do not have the required card to discard, you must put down and name a card.

After each turn, allow a moment to let anyone challenge the player by saying “I doubt it.” Remember to challenge a player only if you think he might not be discarding the cards he says he is. When a challenge is voiced, the challenger can look at the discarded cards. If they match what the person who played them said, the challenger picks up all cards in the discard pile and adds them to his personal pile. If the cards are not what the person said they were, the player who discarded them must pick up the entire discard pile. The player to lay down his entire hand of cards first will win the game.


  • CARDS: Standard deck of 52 cards or specialty deck.
Mother Knows Best

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