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We have arrived at that point in the calendar where you can ditch the heavy winter coat and slip on a pair of sandals, yah! In my neck of the woods, another clear marker that spring has sprung is the frantic philharmonic symphony of bird activity going on in the early morning hours. To watch them dart from one point to the next brings me sparks of joy ✨.

When’s the last time you skipped the big box book stores and made a visit to your local book store? We are lucky in Kingston, NY our local bookstore #halfmoonbooks not only boasts vintage treasures but also great bargains! I discovered so many children’s books this weekend that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I can’t wait to share them with you all. The Little Gardener by #emilyhughes is not vintage, it’s a 2015 publication but it is perhaps the cutest love story to a garden I’ve ever come across.

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