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Mother Knows Best

Mother Knows Best

Welcome to MyKingstonKids.com. My name is Jenny aka Mother Knows Best. I'm your site moderator and I enjoy speaking and listening to our site visitors. If you ever have any comments, questions or concerns please feel free to email us on our contact page. Subscribe to our email list and visit often as we update our categories daily. Thanks again for stopping by.

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In being consistent with our vision, each of our brands are focussed and dedicated to a quality experience for children of all ages, ethnic groups and backgrounds.

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The obesity epidemic in children over the last few years has been alarming, and therefore parents are always advised to monitor their BMI (Height-to-Weight ratio). The activities carried out by a child during the developmental process go a long way in building up in them, all they need for their adult lives.

Summer is here again; kids are totally school-free for the next 2-3 months. It’s not uncommon that most kids will resort to TV all day long. Their favorite shows that school made them miss must be covered for. But the screen is not the friendliest way to keep your kids busy; in fact, too much of the screen is injurious to their health.

It’s not news that children are the most valued possessions of responsible parents. And at all cost, they always want to protect their children from every possible danger. Unfortunately, these kids are the most vulnerable to dangers because of the carefree lifestyle they are susceptible to live. Without suspecting it and as against most adults who has the intellectual capacity to protect themselves, children expose themselves to a lot of dangers, especially pollutants that can be very injurious to their health.

Please like us on facebook and gain access to info on events, activities, classes and more. Engage with us and help us make MyKingstonKids.com the family destination for Kingston and the surrounding areas. Our notoriety is increasing with your contribution and we ask that you continue to share, like and leave comments as you've been doing. We appreciate the support!

What a day for a parade! We had a grand opportunity to meet thousands of children and families at the Children's Day Parade. Our float was decorated as the template for the Halloween Hayride that would later be seen at the Halloween Fest. We made sure to bring our bunny friend along that you may have seen at the Kids Fest earlier in the year. He gave out hugs and lots of love to the everyone. Our team handed out stickers, fliers and smiles! Thank you Kingston Parks & Recreation for a great experience.

The Peoples' Picnic was an exciting event by Kingston Midtown Rising and UMeWe. The group presented the "Good Neighbor Award" to MyKingstonKids Executive Director, Frank Waters for sharing his vision and supporting hundreds of children and families in the Kingston neighborhoods thru fun activities, education and imagination.

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