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Mother Knows Best

Mother Knows Best

Welcome to MyKingstonKids.com. My name is Jenny aka Mother Knows Best. I'm your site moderator and I enjoy speaking and listening to our site visitors. If you ever have any comments, questions or concerns please feel free to email us on our contact page. Subscribe to our email list and visit often as we update our categories daily. Thanks again for stopping by.

Please like us on facebook and gain access to info on events, activities, classes and more. Engage with us and help us make MyKingstonKids.com the family destination for Kingston and the surrounding areas. Our notoriety is increasing with your contribution and we ask that you continue to share, like and leave comments as you've been doing. We appreciate the support!

What a day for a parade! We had a grand opportunity to meet thousands of children and families at the Children's Day Parade. Our float was decorated as the template for the Halloween Hayride that would later be seen at the Halloween Fest. We made sure to bring our bunny friend along that you may have seen at the Kids Fest earlier in the year. He gave out hugs and lots of love to the everyone. Our team handed out stickers, fliers and smiles! Thank you Kingston Parks & Recreation for a great experience.

The Peoples' Picnic was an exciting event by Kingston Midtown Rising and UMeWe. The group presented the "Good Neighbor Award" to MyKingstonKids Executive Director, Frank Waters for sharing his vision and supporting hundreds of children and families in the Kingston neighborhoods thru fun activities, education and imagination.

We built our first Soap Box Car which was not as easy task. We stuck together, stayed persistent and made it to the finish line. Our ship was called, "Pirates Of Kingston" which was the theme for the Halloween Fest. Here are a few photos from the event. We had a great meeting the participants and the community. Thanks everyone for showing us such great support at our first Derby. We'll be ready for next year!

We enjoyed a great day participating in Forsyth's Park annual Fall Festival in October. We took a stab at making slime with the children. At first it was not an easy task, however in due and with correct recipe we became slime experts before the day was. Here are a few photos of some of the children and their slime masterpieces.

The Friday the 13th Masquerade Ball was a very special event to us here at MyKingstonKids. It was our very first fundraiser and the Halloween event at the Lace Mill. We had a chance to enjoy an evening for the adults and engage with our donors, sponsors and supporters. Thank you everyone for making this such a fun and fantastic event. so many community leaders stopped by in costume which made the night phenomenal.

Here are a few photos behind the scenes of creating the Kids Fest 2017 event. From shopping for wallpaper to creating candy canes, ice cream cone  balloons and even the yellow brick road. 

Click here to watch some Kids Fest videos