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Micke'ys Igloo

Dec 11, 2018

Mickey's Igloo has been around for over 50 years providing Kingston with its best ice cream. Right in heart of Kingston you can stop by and enjoy a variety of assorted flavors including rasberry sherbert, lemon, apple caramel, strawberry cheesecake and much more.

The Kingston Candy Bar is a wonderful addition to the city of Kingston providing the community with the presence of quality customer service, style and awesome treats. You can stop by with the children and search thru a super variety of candies including assorted chocolates, jelly beans, jolly ranchers and much, much more. The Kingston Candy Bar also has Ice Cream in many flavors including Jane's Ice Cream.

Jolly Cow

Dec 11, 2018

Located right across the Rhinecliff bridge, Jolly Cow is an awesome destination for the entire family for a wonderful dessert. Jolly Cow provides a wide variety of flavors and specialties including GOING BANANAS!! Banana which can twist with Peanut-Butter Soft Serve Ice Cream, Jolly's Twist'em Stack'em Soft Serve Flavors, Orange & Vanilla Twist (aka Creamsicle), Pistachio, Black Raspberry, Blueberry, Lemon, Orange, Vanilla, Chocolate and Twist.

Located in Kingston, NY, all dairy products are made on premises. Ice cream cakes are one of the store specialties, along with hard ice cream. They have lactose free and fat free ice cream and the flavors change weekly. Stop in to see this week's.

Mykk Mission