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Zingo 1-2-3 Featured

Be the first to cover all the spaces on their Zingo card with matching tiles. Each Zingo card is double sided: Green is easy and Red is more challenging. The Zingo holder dispenses two tiles.

These tiles have numbers on them. When player sees a space on their card with a number of items (i.e. 9 apples) matching the number on the tile (a 9) they take the tile and cover up the corresponding spaces on his/her Zingo card.

Unclaimed tiles are placed back into the Zingo tile holder. If two players call the same tile, it goes to whoever called it first. The first player to cover all 9 spaces on their card shouts ZINGO and wins the game.

The game also comes with two variants: Mini-Zingo where the first player to match three images in a row up or down is the winner, and Zany Zingo where you select a pattern to match on your card. The first to match it wins.



  • PLAYING TIME: 5 minutes
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