Be sure to pick up your Black History Month Kingston Passport to remember this historic celebration. 

The BHM Kingston Passport is a limited edition printed souvenir that the public can purchase and keep for their memories. All proceeds are going to the A.J. Williams-Myers African Roots Library to continue their great work and to fund the African-American Festival slated for August 2019.

What's included in the BHM Kingston Passport?

  • Full color beautifully designed booklet.
  • Facts and descriptions about 10 successful African-American heroes related to Kingston or participating organizations or businesses.
  • Discounts from the participating businesses or organizations until March 31st, 2019.

What do I do with my Passport once purchased?

Your mission is to begin your journey by visiting all 10 locations listed in the passport. At each location you will receive a stamp. You may also use your discount listed on the passport page of that specific location.

How much is the Passport?

Each Passport book is $10.00 USD

Can I get a passport after February 1st, 2019?

Yes. You may purchase a Passport at one of these participating locations or an event during Black History Month Kingston.

Purchase Your Passport

Get your BHM Kingston Souvenir today! Learn about African-American heroes, receive discounts, and engage in an exciting journey thru Kingston.

Passport: $10.00

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