For the First time ever, The A.J. Williams-Myers African Roots Library has compiled an inspirational selection of historic, educational and engaging activities during Black History Month for 2018. Our mission is to showcase and pay tribute to the legacy and contributions of African-Americans in Kingston and the surrounding areas. We are marketing a combination of events and activities under the one Black History Month Kingston umbrella.

Black History Month Kingston is projected to become a favorite annual community celebration for all generations and cultures throughout this region. The month will provide an opportunity for participants to engage in conversation, education and pay tribute to the African and African-American legacy in Kingston.

The festivities will start on February 3rd with a Kick Off event at the Lace Mill including art exhibits, performances, spoken word, dance and more. The month will include participation from a variety of organizations, churches and businesses including lectures and workshops at the AJ Williams-Myers African Roots Library, along with Kingston Library providing children’s activities, Valentine Day Soul Night with a live jazz performance at Ruby Mae’s, Rondout Neighborhood Recreation CenterHV Maritime Museum and many more.


About The A.J. Williams-Myers African Roots Library

We are a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit library located in the Ponckhockie area of Kingston, New York. We promote literacy through teaching and learning about the African roots experience, including history and culture, through a dynamic exchange of information, ideas, and creativity.

Our vision is to honor and encourage the transmission of history through written and oral history, spoken word, paintings, cultural artifacts and other forms of artistic expression. We celebrate the multifaceted ways to acquire knowledge. We believe that knowledge of the diverse cultural roots of people in our community needs to be understood and spread through sharing and learning from one another.

To learn more about the A.J. Williams-Myers African Roots Library visit our website.

BHM Kingston Calendar



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